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This is a trailer for the new Legend Of Zelda game set to come out early next year In April I wouldn't mind waiting for a game like this 



It has come to my attention that there are many people getting bullied in America, wheather it's cyber bullying, physical, mental, or otherwise, bullying is bullying. The general population of those who are being bullied belong to the LGBT community, but there is hope. The "TREVER PROJECT"  This project was designed to prevent the abuse of such people, but you too can help. All you need is a cellular phone and a prayer. Text the word "KIND" to the number "85944" And there is a grant that will donate $5 per text at no cost to you. So text now!

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Latest News Bullitin for January 2nd 2011

A new development in my book series has happened. The book title has been changed and many creative changes have been made throught each chapter. To get the revampation of the book, click here...also, this one is within word 2007.


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